Weapons - Sword of Skanderbeg

Blackened iron, fish skin, damascene gold 
Size: H. 88,5 cm D. 5,7 cm
Origin and time: 15th century, Owner: Georg Castriota known as Skanderbeg
KHM (Museum of Fine Arts) Vienna
Inv.No. HJRK_A_550

On the inner side of the scabbard is an inscription written in red oil colour from the Ambras Chamber of Armour "Skänderwech"
Mark: attributed to Georg Kastriota

Ferdinand II of Tirol was awarded together with the helmet also the "Sword of Skandabeg" to which a 15th century blade was attached together with a Turkish style hilt. The sword came also with a black leather scabbard. Georg Castriota was brought up as a page at the Turkish Court. As leader of a rebellion against the Ottoman he was believed to be one of the greatest Christian heroes of the 15th century, who fought to maintain Albania's autonomy against the Ottoman power.