Robes and Fabrics - Saya al-bathinjany

Origin and Time: Jordan and Palestine, end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries
Museum of Jordan Folklore and Jewelry
Inv. No. 71,015

Saya al-bathinjany – a gown, worn by women in the Nablus region. The front pannel of the gown is open, side pannels and sleeves are partially open. The sleeves are heavily embroidered with red silk stripes showing the form of zig-zag appliques and rosettes. The edges of the open parts are embroidered with red silk stripes. Green and red colours on the gown symbolize hell and heaven. The garment is lined with linen of beige colour and has an inside pocket on the right side. The gown looks simple due to the fact that women in the Nablus region have less time to embroider being too much involved in agricultural work.