Jewelery -Qajar Coin

Gold, weight: 29.03 grams
Size: Diameter: 3.6 cm
Origin and time: Tehran, 1875
The National Museum of Iran, Tehran
Inv. No. 1216

This gold coin was produced during the reign of Nasser ad-Din Shah (1843 to 1892), who was one of the longest reigning monarch kings of Persian history. On the obverse (left picture) the full face effigy of Nasser ad-Din Shah Qajar is displayed and on the reverse (right picture) the inscriptions read: The great Sultan Nasser ad-Din Shah Qajar, 1875, Tehran, ten tomans. 
Toman deriving from the Turkic word tumen for ten thousand, was the currency of Iran until 1932, when it was replaced by the rial. The term toman, corresponding to an amount of 10 rials, is still used by Iranians in everyday transactions.