Glassware - Plate

Colourless crystal glass; golden painting, blue enamel painting
Size: Diameter: 38 cm
Origin and time: J. & L. Lobmeyer (Nr.3873) Designed by Johann Machytka and Franz Schmoranz 1878 
Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
Inv. No. J 343

The plate is decorated with twelve oval-shaped sections, partially overlaying at the lower borders. These sections are ornamented alternately with blue enamel or a decoration in gold. The blue parts show abstract writings, geometrically ordered, running from the peaks inward. The golden parts with blue motifs are filled with a vegetal decoration, showing two overlaying palmette motifs surrounded by other fancy flowers in the colours gold and blue. The digons of the oval sections are filled with such floral decoration too. Each of the oval sections is surrounded by a golden scriptural ornamentation. At the centre of the plate a six-pointed star forms a circle and further circular ornaments overlay the parts where the star’s edges intersect. 
Around the circle is a scripture reading: “Sense is the best foundation and piety is the best garment.” The twelve oval-shaped sections are surrounded by another inscription reading: “Whoever says something about a matter that does not concern him, will hear what he does not like.”