Ceramics -Ch'qala

A bowl with a big asymmetrical floral pattern 
Size: H.18 сm, D. 45 сm
Origin and time: Tunis, End of 17th and beginning of 18th century, (Qallaline)
Bardo National Museum, Tunis

Ch'qala – a big concave bowl with a small and round-channeled socle, which widens downwards. The inside surface is streamlined and channeled in its widest upper part flowing obliquely inwards.
Polychromatic floral pattern:
on the brown, yellow and green punctuated base unfolds a delicate floral design, the basement is decorated with half-palmettes and stylized flowers framed by the frieze decorated with tiny flowers.
The represented asymmetry of the pattern is an example of a Spanish-Andalusian and Anatolian styles combination.