Artistic Handcraft - Wooden Spoon

Hand painted wooden lacquer spoon
Size: 29 cm 
Origin and time: Ottoman Turkey, second half of the 16th century
Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna, (Collection Schloss Ambras)
Inv. No. AM_PA_773

The mouthpieces of such spoons have different shapes according to the use intended and the place of production; their handles were made of different materials in accordance with the taste of the users. The object shown is embellished with a geometric design, drawn by hand on the bowl and on the handle with a pen or an awl and then colored with a fine brush.

Wooden spoons were traditionally used in all traditions and in all eras throughout time, becoming part of the daily live and giving rise to parables such as “The Allegory of the Long Spoons”, or a character in a novel “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich “by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, or even a musical instrument used by the great Artis the Spoonman.