Shahnameh - Humay beholds the portrayal of Humayun in the fairy palace

Size: 215x115 mm 
Austrian National Library, Vienna
Inv. No. E 5266 (Tafel 1, N.F. 382, Folio 10b)

Humay falls in love with Humayun, the daughter of the Emperor of China, while admiring her portrayal hanging above his head. He is sitting on a small golden throne, placed in the middle of the painting. On both sides are winged fairies symmetrically placed in pairs. The precious interior of this typical Timurid palace is richly decorated in gold, blue, light-green, vermilion and white colours. Four fairies are sitting in the front on each side playing musical instruments. On the right side a harp and a tambourine and on the left side two hardly recognisable instruments, (bagpipe? zither?) are in their hands. Some parts of the miniature are damaged.