Hamzanama - The Khwaja puts Bihbud, Qalmas and Khwarmah into chests together with Pabus Ayyar

Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
Inv. No. Bl 08770-25v

… Songhur Balkhi fights the guebres in order to release Ibrahim and Sabukpay Eki from prison. The battle ends with the defeat of the guebres and Qimar's flight to Tawariq. Upon proclaiming their victory, Sa´id Farrukhnizhad and his allies claim control over the city. Qimar's son and cousin are taken prisoners and they become Muslims. Meanwhile, Bihbud, the vizier plans to join Qimar and he intends to take Qalmas with him. However, Qalmas is in prison, so Mamud releases him and brings him to Bihbud. Then he enters the garden in which Khwarmah is sleeping, renders her unconscious and takes her to the vizier. Bihbud eventually decides to leave, so the Khwaja suggests he hide himself and those loyal to him in four chests and has them taken to a caravanserai. Bihbud agrees …

The illustration shows the Khwaja placing Bihbud, Qalmas, Khwarmah and Pabus Ayyar into chests. He is aided by a servant who attends to the apparently unconscious Khwarmah. Standing upright in his chest is the authoritative figure of Bihbud, the vizier who appears to be giving orders to the Khwaja.