Hamzanama - Prince Badi-uzzaman fights Iraj

Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna
Inv. No. BI 08770-09r

This painting shows Prince Badi-uzzaman (in orange) fighting with Malik Iraj Nawjavan (in green).
Before they fought with each other until night, Iraj had heard about the prince's bravery and courage, so he went to Prince Badi-uzzaman to see if this is true. After the fight he stated that the prince is a hundred times braver than he was said to be and challenged him again to fight with him at the battlefield the following day. The prince accepted this challenge. Many other kings came to the battle too and after the drums of battle were sounded they went to the field where they faced Iraj’s army. 
In the background you can see Landhaur on an elephant. He is one of Hamza's friends and an important person behind the scenes.